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We can plainly see the truth in front of our eyes, we don't need the media to tell us that Corbyn is an anti-semitic, terrorist-supporting piece of scum.

6 Sep 2019

Corbyn has been an activist all his life, he is simply not up to the job of being PM, but he doesn't have to worry because McDonnell is the power behind the throne.  I suspect Corbyn doesn't utter a word without McDonnell's permission.

6 Sep 2019

Lady Nugee was on Question Time last night stating how she would negotiate a new deal with the EU, put it to the voters in another referendum and then campaign against what she had negotiated.  This is the state of Labour.  God help us if Corbyn and his morons ever get inside No.10.

High Court Case
23 Jul 2019

Just one day into the job, and new Lib Dem leader, Jo Swinson, has said that if there is another EU referendum and Leave win yet again then she will not honour the result.  No surprise there then, the Remainiacs want us to keep on voting until they get the required result. The Lib Dems are truly a waste of space, both nationally and locally. Speaking to BBC News this afternoon, newly ...

There's been a cafe at the cove for many decades, I don't see why access has suddenly become a problem, it's just arrogance and bloody mindedness on Network Rail's part.

Sea wall
6 Jul 2019

If that's the case then won't Network Rail need new planning permission?

How many more times does it have to be said?  She was an activist who had invaded a private function and was intent on causing maximum disruption.  She could have been treated a lot worse.

23 Jun 2019

To nobody's surprise whatsoever, it has now come to light that the recording was done by a couple of rabid Remainiacs.  I sincerely hope Boris does become PM now, the seething anger from the left will be a joy to behold.

22 Jun 2019

A domestic row taped through a neighbour's wall that is promptly handed to The Guardian.  Somebody is desperate to stop Boris Johnson becoming PM, I expect the Boris slurs to come thick and fast in the coming weeks before the Tories cast their votes.

21 Jun 2019

The Greenpeace activist gatecrashed a private function and was wholly responsible for creating the event that occurred, in my opinion she got off lightly.

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