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The Red Rock Cafe has re-opened again after the storms and Network Rail forgot to tell the owners that the walkway was open again. So they lost money In passing trade. NR have said sorry for any lack of communication and are looking at their claim for compensation. Spotlight to-night will have the story, do not know time as football is in extra time(again).

@Paul . if used next day delivery then it would of been a bit more expensive but it would have had to get to destination by 1pm the next day. If It got there later you would be entitled to your postage back. Track an trace would be a great help then. Hope this helps.

@Key Green and mcjrpc. dont worry, look at date on posts these are from 6-7 years ago. i quite often go up to dawlish warren railway station on friday night/ saturday morning  and i`ve had no problems.

Does anybody know what the building Is on Dawlish Warren Station (Exeter St. Davids bound side) ?   What use Is the building for ?

@Cassandra . google "small toe berm" and there are plenty of texts to read and images to see.

Stephen Sutton.
14 May 2014

I know this has not got anything to do with Dawlish as such. But Stephen Sutton, 19, has tragically died in his sleep this morning. He raised more than £3.25 million for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Totally agree Wondering. Next year Someone singing with dancers from Priscilla Queen of the desert In background. We`ll walk It  lol.

Speed Restrictions
24 Apr 2014

@Margaret. First of all signals are being fixed and axle counters are being fixed this weekend. Thats between Dawlish Warren and Teignmouth. Down line has no signals at all until Teignmouth. Hence the 30mph TSR. Up line Is Red and Green only. By monday eveything should be fine. This was told to me by phone this evening by NR. No trains on Sunday except for 2 specials. @Clive . ...

24 Apr 2014

@Clive . I nearly spilt my cup of t and started coughing when I had a phone call from NR. The signals will be fixed Saturday or Sunday. So by Monday the TSR (Temporary Speed Restrictions) will be lifted, but from Saturday night and all day Sunday there is engineering works anyway, replacement buses operate between EXD and NA. The signalling works cannot take place in daytime anyway.

24 Apr 2014

@Clive The Tsr(Temporary Speed Restrictions)  should be removed this weekend after the signals  are fixed. Work is due to take place this Saturday and Sunday night. If I hear anything different I will let you know.

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