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@S If you really want an answer to the question re - sharia law and you honestly believe that its supporters dont pose a significant threat to this countries stability and security. Then I suggest you visit the areas of London at night dressed in ordinary western civilised clothes where the muslim gangs already rule and you ask them in person how they are going to impose it here. Dont ...

2 Jul 2016

What has religion got to do with either side winning the referendum this isent Northern Ireland we are talking about. Catholics V Protestants. As for Racism attacks up 400% well show me any immirgrants or migrants that have been murdered in cold blood on our streets like Lee Rigby was. You really need to stop watching the BBC and channel 4 news, havent they spun you enough lies recently. ...

1 Jul 2016

See the remainers and obsolete Lib Dems are still moaning and groaning on here, what sad boring lives you all must lead. Get a grip the EU is finished and we need to end our membership quickly. The only bad thing about the referendum result is that the Conservatives are still in power. when by right the glory should have been UKIPs finest hour. Never mind though hopefully Andrea Leadsom will ...

27 Jun 2016

@Garry T Your behaving like one of those annoying little dogs that bark incessantly from morning till night. The vote is done and over and the party you support are still in the political wilderness. Moaning and groaning about the outcome is not helping any side move on. We all need to now get behind the elected government and encourage our next PM to lead us out of EU control and get the ...

25 Jun 2016

The writing on the leave bus was in fact two seperate statements Nowhere did it say that the £350 million would be spent entirely on the NHS

Independence Day
24 Jun 2016

What on earth is MrsC/MV rabbiting on about now. Hope the men in White coats from that special unit at Wongford dont see her rambleings or the yellow van might be sent out to collect her

24 Jun 2016

You clearly dont understand anything hence why you are still spouting crap on here, when most of the other commenters keep telling you where to go

Excellent news with todays events Farmers Markets selling locally grown good quality produce are a brilliant way of improving the countries self surficiency. What better way to show the supermarkets that imported food from 1000s of miles away is not a sustainable option. May your project grow and prosper and help make the planners at Teignbridge realise what our green fields should really be used ...

Independence Day
24 Jun 2016

@MV With only 12 hours since you and the other losers were officially informed of the result, how have you been informed that your pension fund as been adversly affected. Seems your hysterically spouting crap again. Do you honestly believe that any pension fund worth its salt would invest and risk its members funds on the footsie 100. Seriously the FT100 is just a training ground for rich ...