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Good news for Teignbridge council tax payers

17 May 2017 13:06

Rumour has it that the CEO of Teignbridge District Council is leaving her post after the general election and is not being replaced. Thats a cool saving of £125,000 plus per year. All we need now is for a few more of    the nose in trough so called executives to go, and maybe a few of the less than useless councillors and we might be able to keep the public toilets open, mow the grass and even stop the backhanded housing development until the much needed infrastructure is in place.

The worrying thing is. Is she getting out before the tide of incompetance swamps the boat or has the authorities financial debt reached the stage where it becomes unpayable. Only time will tell.

In fact its time the old guard at TDC were all thrown out on their ears and more decisions made at town council level.

The residents of Dawlish who have paid the highest council tax in Teignbridge for years might even get a reduction next year, thats if our local councillors can be bothered to apply the nessesary pressure instead of worrying about upsetting the apple cart.

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