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In addition to the blatant rejection of safety concerns there was also no comment on how much the work has cost to accomodate a minority group and no explaination of where the money had come from seeing as TDC cant even keep public toilets open. Also no estimation of how many cyclists were expected to use the path and no projection as to what financial benifit this has to the town. There will also ...

1 Mar 2016

Here is the reply from Jamie Hewitt - Highways officer DCC when questioned about the safety of the said road narrowing. He was also asked if the road camber and the tilting effect on tall vehicles had been taken into consideration. In reply to your email. Yes the running lanes of the A379 are being reduced in width to accommodate the extension of the cycleway into Dawlish town centre but they ...

More good news for the town then. Any more businesses, services, infrastructure leaving Dawlish the place is going to end up like a Calais migrant camp in a few more years. Any way will the last one out please turn off the lights, thats if we still have any of course

@Lynne Thanks for making it a little clearer. Question now being if Teignmouth has no plan and no involvement in all this what appears to be a total waste of time and they get very few new houses. Why has Dawlish got involved with it. It also seems fair to comment that it could be down to how good and strong each town council is. Developers put in plans to build on mass in Teignmouth and ...

25 Feb 2016

Can somebody please translate all this abbrieviated waffle into simple non-political english that the average person in the street can understand. Does this also mean that Teignmouth has been through all this plan and policy making proceedure. thanks

Look on the positive side here. If the newcomers can afford in excess of £245,000 for a house they may also bring new businesses and new money to the town and even jobs. Has to be better than low life, drug dealing,  bennifit scrounging drop outs.

@Brooklyn Bridge The reason funds are being spent in Teignmouth and quite rightly so, is that its a far more attractive place to visit. For one they dont have a stupid old filthy railway line obstructing their sea front. They have a play park, a pier, better shops and resteraunts, reasonable parking, and a  terrific beach, etc. Dawlish on the other hand has become the provider of the ...

23 Feb 2016

Better watch out Teignmouth now TDC have almost completed their staged destruction of Dawlish by now purposly obstructing the main road around East cliff. The dreaded cycle path could be heading your way next. Money is no object for this backward thinking project and there will be no legal enforcement for cyclists to use them

If you fall off the sea wall, then the only person responsible is yourself or if its a child then the parents. Its clearly dangerous with the railway one side and a big drop the other. Whats wrong with people these days always looking to blame someone else. Watch where your going and what your doing, and teach your kids likewise.

TDC = Incompetence in a nutshell

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