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Exeter road, dangerous modifications for road user's.

26 Apr 2016 12:34

The new layout for the adoption of the cycle path into Dawlish at the junction of East Cliff road has made the road unsafe for road user's.

I say this due to the observation of traffic movements, yesterday afternoon, when I was watching the workmen installing the new white line for the centre of the Exeter road at the junction of East Cliff road.

As a double decker bus came up Exeter Road, hugging the curb to avoid the workmen, the bus still crossed over onto roughly 3 to 4 foot of the oncoming road side just to navigate that section of road.

What will the situation be when traffic is flowing as normal and a large vehicle enters this part of the road system. If the traffic coming  from the Warren end does not stop to allow the vehicle through there WILL be a collision.

It is simple to see that the need of implementing the cycle path, at this location, has taken priority over the road user's safety.


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26 Apr 2016 17:29

Here is Jamie Hewitts (highways officer) response to critisism of the current alterations.

In reply to your email. Yes the running lanes of the A379 are being reduced in width to accommodate the extension of the cycleway into Dawlish town centre but they are still going to conform to Dept. of Transport guidance. As there are already many section of the A379 which are narrow some of which are even to narrow for a centre line we are not fundamentally altering the driving experience of this road.

this is from a chap with local connections who apparently knows what he's on about

makes you wonder why we pay their wages

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26 Apr 2016 19:25

If all this wasn't so potentially serious and dangerous it would be hilarious.

It strikes me there's some kind of weird and wonderful 'Alice in Wonderland' logic going on here. (the road is narrow in some places already therefore it is okay if we make it narrower in other places as well).

Where's me whacky baccy?    

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Diana Mond
Diana Mond
29 Oct 2017 18:30

Does anyone on here know if there have been any collisions on that short stretch since the road was modified?

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