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Bovis - 4 & 5 bed houses for sale Woodlands, Dawlish

22 Apr 2016 17:04

Anyone else received a glossy A5 size postcard through the post from Bovis advertising the


From what I can glean the 4 beds cost just shy of £310,000 to just shy of £350,000 so the

5 beds will cost more.

I thought to put this on here as I am idly wondering (in the absence of anything better to do on a wet Friday afternoon) why Bovis feel the need to do such target marketing.

Thoughts anyone?


22 Apr 2016 20:35

Hooray more affordable houses any takers with local wages averaging £7.20 / hour

22 Apr 2016 22:41

I'll have two please.

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23 Apr 2016 07:03

More info from the postcard:

Bovis are offering a trade in on my current home as part payment for one of their new ones.

They will offer me 100% market value on my present abode and sort out all the removals.

They will consider properties anywhere in England and Wales (so not just me thenwink ).

But........this home exchange scheme includes various caveats (but of course!) including that the property being sold to Bovis is worth no more than 75% of the value of the new Bovis home being purchased.

Phone Bovis on 01626 786143 if interested. 

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