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General Discussion

How about some large detached luxary £1-million plus, affordable houses for people that may just bring something positive to the area like employment

In the sea would be a benificial option lol

Hooray more affordable houses any takers with local wages averaging £7.20 / hour

Gary - we have now moved on and are talking about the wall at Lanherne and more road narrowing in connection plus another 6 - months of tempoary traffic lights sorry for the confusion

22 Apr 2016

But Gary you are talking about the 1st week in April months after the council recieved notification of DCCs plan and the works commenced talk about closing the stable door after the horse has bolted. Also as Lynne has hinted why have these complaints/objections never been minuted. Just as a futher point of interest in your opinion what is the reasoning behind wanting to restrict the flow of ...

22 Apr 2016

Seems the Town Council and various other Dawlish groups were informed of this nonsense modification of the wall not total demolition on the 1st February this year and did nothing to object. So much for supporting the town and its people. Also noted the installation of a Treif kerb along the length of the wall. This means a further 600mm + or 2  foot reduction in the current road width. Looks ...

@Lynne - done the above answer expected monday

@Gary Taylor .   will you also consider objecting to another 6 months of traffic lights just for the sake of demolishing a wall. i believe there is a clause in the road traffic act that prevents non-essential work like this from causing delay or inconvienience to road users. please use this and stop any more work on this stupid road/cyclepath scheme, as the detrimental effect on local business ...

22 Apr 2016

@Lynne Definatly TDC as they own Lanherne Site and use Teign housing to manage it

22 Apr 2016

@roberta More to the point where have TDC got the money from once again to spend on minority required, non-urgent work on such a scale. Also why is it expected to take 6 months to demolish a wall which any major demolition comany would be expected to have down over a weekend sure Gilpin Demolition could handle the job.

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