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I'd be interested in the opinion of others - If you had just served a term of office in which you had attended hardly any meetings during the last year, would you have the b@lls to stand again? I note that two Councillors who have attended just one each of two committees they sit on and one of them has attended none of a third committee, are both standing again. Do we feel that this ...

I vote for the person standing locally or to prevent their opposition getting in. However, if Corbyn is still leading the Labour party I'll definitely vote Conservative regardless of local candidates

Hiding in plain sight! Organising many of the events in the town e.g. the Christmas market, the Let's all go down the Strand event, being a part of the rejuvenated carnival etc etc.

17 Mar 2019

This isn't a new job, it's a replacement of Alison Holmes who has done this job for several years now but has handed her notice in to move onto something else. So the salary is already within the budget. I think she's done a good job and whoever takes over has big shoes to fill!

Move to Dawlish
16 Jan 2019

Dawlish definitely. Ignore the doom-mongers above.  I've lived here for 26 years, my OH 's family for generations, all my offspring and now grandchildren live here. We love Dawlish.  Like small towns everywhere there's good and bad.  There are plenty of clubs/societies you can join, there's lots of voluntary groups who would love more support. Dawlish is very community minded, the comment ...

9 Jan 2019

Thanks Leatash, having lived by the Lawn for a number of years I am well aware that a SMALL number do choose to do that.  Thinking back to when I was that age I had under 18 discos to go to, there was a youth club (when the 'less than cool' kids used to go), and I was getting served in pubs at 14 - licensees are a bit more careful these days! Dawlish has great transport links but to go anywhere ...

3 Jan 2019

Every year for the last 14 or so years I have helped out with the mock interviews for Dawlish Community College with the Rotary. I go into to them each year wondering what the quality of interviewees will be as the preceeding year has been good - each year I'm incredibly proud of our young people. Always a mixed bag with regard to their aims in life but regularly I see those wanting to join ...

Only what they glean from Facebook....

9 Aug 2018

Thomas Hamilton, Dunblane 1996, shoots and kills 17 people, 16 of them children Michael Ryan, Hungerford 1987, shoots and kills 16 people, and died himself Hyde Park, 1982, IRA blow up and kill 11 people Enniskillen, 1987, IRA blow up and kill 12 people Are you spotting my theme here? Not one of the perpetrators wore a hijab, niqab or burka or professed to be Muslim, if fact quite ...

Thanks Flo - I've completed it

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