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General Discussion

@Lynne Talking of Scotland, after England beat them in the 6 nations the other week, I'm surprised that they didn't ask for a rematch until they get the result that they want.

15 Mar 2017

Just do what others and show complete disrespect by parking wherever they want, even in the reserved spaces for the doctors. Also, as everyone has a timed appointment, the car park shouldnt be that full, especially as there are plenty of spaces in the Barton car park next to the museum. Or get the town (#186) bus.

Mobiles and driving
28 Feb 2017

Simple answer to that is:- DON'T use it while driving.

Dawlish Carnival
26 Feb 2017

Hello grockle. In case you havent heard, the old carnival committee have gone and a new (and better) carnival committee have taken over since last year. Still in it's infancy, they are getting things ready for this year but be patient, as I am sure that something will be available on the interwebnetthingy soon. When I find out more, I will let you know. (if I can remember)

Vodafone Network
24 Feb 2017

Never had a problem with their CS before and last time I phoned them, they sent me one of those plug in signal boosters (value just under £100) free of charge, so I will have to disagree with you there.

24 Feb 2017

Morning all. Is anyone else on the Vodafone network experiencing any problem this morning, 24/02/17 ?

I thought the idea of going to the doctors was to see a doctor, tell him/her what your symptoms are, get prescription and go home to get well, not to go there and have a good social chat with them.

17 Feb 2017

@HM2 If that was the case, then surely a phone call out of courtesy would be welcome by the surgery.

Nice pics Ziggy.

Pics today 23 01 2017
26 Jan 2017

The picture of the groynes is outstanding. Well done.

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