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21 Jan 2022 08:54

I was totally unaware of these changes until someone mentioned them to me. So just in case others are unaware as well........


From 29 January 2022, the new Highway Code with 8 new rules and 49 updates, will become operational. The changes are aimed at providing better protection to users of roads who may be more vulnerable in the event of accidents, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

More info here:



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23 Jan 2022 19:33

Seems like vehicles that pay NOTHING towards the upkeep of roads (cycles) are given more priority.

How about making it Law that cyclists use a cycle path instead of the road when one is available and if there is one available and they are involved in an accident, then they cant complain as they should have been on the cycle path!!!!! 

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24 Jan 2022 07:00


At a glance: How has The Highway Code changed?

Drivers of large passenger vehicles and HGVs now have ‘the greatest responsibility to reduce the danger posed to other road users’

Drivers at a junction should give way to pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross a road that they’re turning into

Drivers should give way to pedestrians waiting to cross a zebra crossing, and pedestrians and cyclists waiting to cross a parallel crossing

Cyclists should give way to pedestrians that are using shared-use cycle tracks

Drivers should not cut across cyclists going ahead when turning into or out of a junction or changing direction or lane

New ‘Dutch Reach’ technique tells road users how to open the door of their vehicle while looking over their shoulder

Read more: - Which?

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