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Huge Conservative majority = Goodbye NHS .

Don't worry Lynne. Boris has said (It's the truth) that he is getting 50,000 new nurses. I'm sure the dentists will follow soon as the NHS will be safe in the Tories hands. PS. The Pigs are all fed and ready to Fly.

@Lynne Welcome to sex equality. Or do women only want equality when it suits them?

25 Nov 2019

@leatash A bit like Johnson's pledge for 50000 nurses. Biggest joke ever. "The Pigs are all fed and ready to FLY".

@ burnside Typical tories then, Profit before People.

24 Nov 2019

@ burnside Yes, @leatash had already pointed that out, so you are a bit late. What about the other bit then, about the rich already living abroad and moving  out when Labour get in?

21 Nov 2019

I find it funny that there are many rich people (Lewis Hamilton for one) who live abroad and don't pay taxes  in the UK but everyone blames Labour that if they get into power, then the rich will leave. Well, the news is, they have been living abroad for years and not been paying taxes in the UK for a long long time. PS. @ burnside Businesses have been leaving since the EU ...

Sea Wall
17 Nov 2019

Aren't they allowed to have tea/dinner breaks? That could also be a reason as to why they are seen doing nothing but chatting. As for sleepless nights, when it's done, you will be able to sleep soundly knowing that the next big storm will save not just your your property from being undermined by the sea, but possibly your life as well. Small price to pay (sleepless nights for a ...

Peter Harry
29 Oct 2019

@ Huw. Sorry, but who is he? I'm not being rude but I don't know what you mean.

lobotomy dems
16 Jun 2019

they have declared a "climate emergency" I wonder where  these Libs Dems (and Green Party) will be going on holiday this year and more importantly, their means of arriving at the destination? Will they be going to the airport in their 4x4's/SUV's and flying off somewhere or touring the South West on their bicycles?

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