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12 May 2023 11:47

Hello all.

Where is the best place to go in Dawlish for a Breakfast?

22 May 2023 01:50

Went to Amelia's at Cofton this morning.

£13 for a 'large' breakfast.

The 'Portobello Mushroom' was a single mushroom (less than the size of a bean tin lid) cut in half....and you got 1 half!

Anything that could be small was (toast, sausages, bacon, hash brown (McCain type).

The 'herb roasted tomato' was....well, just a roasted tomato!

Took the best part of an hour to arrive.

Egg shell in the Egg Benedict.

Awful - worst breakfast I've had in Dawlish and the most expensive!

6 of us plus 2 under 2s that didn't have anything...£72.

Really DIRE.

Will stick to Smugglers or, if you want the 'piece de resistance', Romany Jones down at Kingskerswell.

22 May 2023 05:37


Thanks for the heads up (or down) on that.

We eventually went to Forest Fungi on the way to the Warren.

Superb food that you could actually taste.

I had the full english, and my friends had the eggs benedict and the eggs royal.

Well worth a try if you haven't yet tried it.

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29 May 2023 09:44

In Dawlish, a charming coastal town in Devon, England, there are several great places to enjoy breakfast. Here are a few popular options:

  1. The Boat House: Located right on the beach, The Boat House offers a beautiful setting to start your day. They serve a delicious selection of breakfast dishes, including traditional English breakfast, eggs benedict, pancakes, and more.

  2. The Railway Inn: Situated near Dawlish railway station, The Railway Inn is a cozy pub that serves a hearty breakfast. You can indulge in a full English breakfast or opt for lighter options such as toast, croissants, and cereals.

  3. The Tea Rooms: If you prefer a quaint and traditional atmosphere, The Tea Rooms is a delightful choice. They serve a variety of breakfast items, including pastries, toast, full English breakfast, and vegetarian options. Don't forget to try their tea and scones!

  4. The Smugglers Inn: Nestled in the picturesque village of Holcombe, just outside Dawlish, The Smugglers Inn is worth a visit. Their breakfast menu features classics like bacon sandwiches, omelettes, and porridge, along with a selection of vegetarian options.

  5. The Langstone Cliff Hotel: For a more luxurious breakfast experience, you can head to The Langstone Cliff Hotel. Their breakfast buffet offers a wide range of hot and cold options, including cooked breakfast items, cereals, pastries, fruits, and more.

Remember to check the opening hours and availability, as some places may have specific days or times when they serve breakfast. Enjoy your breakfast in Dawlish!

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