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Getting signed out

15 Nov 2023 16:43

Apologies for any users who may have been experiencing getting signed out.

This was due to having to restart the site a few times after making changes to ensure the site complies with GDPR legislation.


I may need to restart the site a couple more times over the next few days as tests are run, so apologies again and please bear with me.

16 Nov 2023 16:00

Thanks webmaster for keeping us informed.

I realised something must have been wrong a few days back and it's still happening.

Mind you, there are worse things to worry about that having to sign in again. smiley

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25 Nov 2023 14:16

Thanks for your patience.

Updates and checks are now complete, so you shouldn't get signed out from now on.

Duplication duing photo uploading has been fixed.

The photo file size has also been increasd to 30mb in response to users that were struggling to upload larger photos and were having to shrink them.

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