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General Discussion

OK Alison
11 May 2021

@ Ziggy Didn't she say that last time? Same old, same old!

10 May 2021

You can take the new PCSO's off the beat now as you won by a vast majority. You only done it to get the votes. What a waste of space and money you are!

Then after the election, you won't see them again, not until the time when the next election comes around.

@1263 Whatever. It's a shame that not more people think about and celebrate St. George's day. Is it wrong to be patriotic?

23 Apr 2021

Happy St. George's Day everyone. Let's celebrate our (England's) Patron Saint's Day while we can, before someone complains that they are offended by it.

Prince Philip
9 Apr 2021

May he Rest in Peace.

Pfizer vaccinations
5 Mar 2021

@ FredBasset Coronavirus doesn't discriminate between people with no money, or in your case, people with lots of money. Go look in a Covid ward for your kind of people who have lots of money but can't and won't be able to spend it, as they think that they are immune due to their financial position!

18 Feb 2021

@ FredBasset Yes, I am very pleased and happy that I have had my first jab. I'm glad that I don't live next door to you or you will be spitting venom at me every time you see me. I feel sorry for you and the way you look at life. You must be great fun to live with. Enjoy your sad, miserable little life.

14 Feb 2021

@ Deedoodle OK, so you are totally against it, as you keep mouthing off about it, and everyone is so fed up with your negative opinion. If you think it so unreal, then why not go into a Covid ward in RD&E without a mask and give everyone in there a proper kiss on the lips? You obviously won't because you will be too scared and if that is the case, then why don't you just SHUT ...

12 Feb 2021

Got my first jab on Sunday 14th. Can't wait.

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