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24 Dec 2023 18:54
From all of us on the Teignmouth & Dawlish Neighbourhood Team have a safe and happy Christmas %uD83C%uDF84
To get ready for the surge of activity during the festive season, we are stepping up patrols around South Devon in a bid to help keep people safe. To do this, we’ll be actively confronting drink drivers, tackling violent crime including domestic violence and sexually aggressive behaviour, and deterring antisocial behaviour throughout the peak season.
We know that Christmas goes hand-in-hand with festive celebrations - so, if you are out and about over the next few weeks, please look after each other and don’t get into situations where behaviour can escalate into violence.
Have a good time, but more importantly, stay safe.
Read more about what we are doing in South Devon to keep you safe:


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24 Dec 2023 20:40

Thank you.

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