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Not sure about Aldi, but Lidl are supposed to be opening sometime in February in the old Waitrose store.

General Soleimani
6 Jan 2020

The world is now an even more dangerous place due to Trumps attack.

Yawn! Whoever it will be, they will just sit on the fence as usual.

Bye Bye 2019
1 Jan 2020

@Paul "The days of politicians letting us down are over, it's all going to smell of roses from now on." But aren't they the same politicians we had in 2019, carrying on letting us down in 2020?

No discipline anymore, at home or in the schools.

What a beautiful day it was. Nice to be out in the sunshine without the wind blowing. How different it is today though.

Christmas Greetings
26 Dec 2019

Merry Christmas to everyone and many thanks webmaster . All the best for 2020.

Oh yes. The super rich tories won but why has the £ slumped  against the € and $? It goes to show that all their (false) promises have been rejected by the financial instutions globaly. We are in for a very rough future. As in the old saying back in the 70's. Stop the world, I want to get off. Looks like the remainers were (probably) right. If we are in for a rough ...

Just ignore the BBE date. I will still use it up to a couple of months later. I don't believe in BBE dates at all, and most people are now brainwashed into believing the they should throw away food that has gone past the date.

@Paul But the rich will be getting richer etc. As I said, Goodbye NHS. After all, the (Super Rich) Tories have had 9, yes, 9 years to get the NHS right but have let it run into the ground. Election talk with breaking promises. OK, we won't be dictated to by France or Germany, but we can look forward (?) to being dictated to by that dictator Johnson and his chum Trump. ...

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