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@leatash Thanks for that. It's the first time I have been there for ages as I have had no need to go, but at at least now I know. It is ridiculous that they have taken them away.

24 Jan 2017

Popped down there yesterday and noticed that the Tin Can bins have disappeared. Does anyone know if this is permanent or just a temporary removal?

At least the Royal Family contribute a hell of a lot more than some of the lazy B'ds in this country, scrounging off the state, drinking, taking drugs etc and living a life on benefits. I dont hear of tourists coming to this country to see those sort of people and their houses.

Dont forget that the pavement at Tucks plot was narrowed so there may be no difference.

@leatash Oh yes. Come Easter until the end of Summer, there will be thousands using the road cycle path.

You obviously enjoy your photography. There is a site where you can upload you pictures for free (yes, totally free) and possibly sell them as cards etc. Also, you can join localised groups on that site.

Christmas Greetings
25 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas all. Many thanks to the Webmaster also.

16 Dec 2016

"I have been there in the evenings when people who are attending the classes have not been able to find a parking space" Why not use the Barton Car Park then? It's only a couple of minutes walk.

How very kind of you to thank me.  So much appreciated and I shall look forward to lots more of your excellent photography displayed on this site.

5 Dec 2016

Maybe ask someone from Teignmouth. This is about Dawlish.

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