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One rule for the rich, another rule for the rest. Good old tories, standing by what they ALWAYS believe in.

24 May 2020

"If you or someone you live with has symptoms of coronavirus: do not leave your home for any reason " Unless you are a Tory MP.

Well done Boris, you and you so called scientific advisors (inc Trump?) are complete idiots in making us open to the higher infection rate. Stay HOME and NOT stay Alert.

14 May 2020

@leatash You don't have to be a non tory to dislike Boris the Minion, as I know of people who were staunch tories and cannot stand him. (Minions. :- They mostly speak incomprehensible gibberish .)

11 May 2020

Well done Boris for opening up the flood-gates for all the high infected areas to visit the mildly infected south west. IDIOT!!!!!!!! You are as bad as the other idiot across the atlantic. Surprised you didn't tell us to start injecting ourselves with disinfectant.

11 May 2020

'Stay at Home' or 'Staying Alert'. No matter how you dress it up, it still won't reach the mindless morons who completely disregard the 2m social distancing or Lockdown.

Saint George's Day
10 May 2020

Thank you.

Q. Why are all the roads in France lined with Trees? A. So the Germans can march in the shade.

9 May 2020

Probably by waving the Stars & Stripes and praising the yanks for all that they had done for them.

Noisey house alarm
8 May 2020

Go and knock on their door at 2am tomorrow and tell them about it and see how they like to be woken up.

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