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25 Oct 2021 11:23
Have a safe and spooky Halloween by following our top tips:
%uD83C%uDF83 Children should be accompanied by an adult when trick-or-treating
%uD83D%uDC40 Make sure you can see where you’re going if you’re wearing a mask
%uD83D%uDD78 Only visit houses that are open to having trick-or-treaters
%uD83E%uDDE1 Be considerate and kind to those who don’t celebrate Halloween
%uD83D%uDD26 Take a torch and wear something visible when out in the dark
%uD83D%uDD2E If you’d rather be left alone for the evening, you can download a poster from our website to indicate that you don’t want trick-or-treaters knocking at your home %u27A1%uFE0F


31 Oct 2021 09:00


31 Oct 2021 12:36

In my old age I would rather not have children banging on my door for treats and having eggs thrown at my house or worse if I dont open the door, But alas I put up with it each year because I don't want to have the hassle of spending an hour or so cleaning my windows and car the following day.

I have to asked the question..... why would parents allow their children to take sweets off strangers who in some cases do not wish to participate, but are forced to because of the possible consequences of not particpating, especially considering the all powerful covid scamdemic is still with us?


Cynical, may be but realistic.

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31 Oct 2021 18:37

Should be BANNED!!!!!

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01 Nov 2021 14:18

@ deedoodle 

Have you seen the price of eggs thase days ?? cannot believe they would purposely come  out with them.

Change you strategy........., rather than sweets offer them bacon  instead, so they can have a fry up.

Assume you were never young once....................

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