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Just to add to the above i dont think it was never said that the new wall would stop waves overtopping but it would make the line more resilient.

5 May 2020

But the queastion is what would it be like without it, the old wall was in very poor condition and with climate change and rising sea levels it needed to be strengthened.

I was amazed when i read the above does it not make sense to lift restrictions on the less vunrable first and those at most risk like the elderly last i wonder what others think.

3 May 2020


Contact tracing app
2 May 2020

It looks as though we may be asked to download a contact tracing app onto our phones i for one think it's a good idea i have nothing to hide and dont see a problem with it but i wonder how the wider population feel about it.

2 May 2020

I failed to say first and foremost do the owners of these Nursing Homes not have a duty of care to there residents to keep them safe and out of harms way.

2 May 2020

Goverment dont run care homes most are privatley run so do the owners of these establishments not have a duty of care towards there staff should they not have seen this coming and made preperations.

More stores opening maybe thats why there is more traffic.

30 Apr 2020