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Dawlish News

Another barbers shop next to Harrisons.

1 May 2018

RBS to close a further 162 branches in 2018.

27 Apr 2018

Cassandra you have a valid point but my generation are on borrowed time and the next generation down have the wherewithal and they and the generation behind them will see the High Street go the way of the Dodo. My childrens lives revolve round there phones and laptops and they totally depend on the internet my fear for my children is what happens if the internet disappears through some global ...

27 Apr 2018

More and more folk now do vast amounts of shopping online you just have to look at the amount of food and parcel delivery vehicles in and around Dawlish on a daily basis.  I recently needed a new pair of walking boots i buy the same make from the same retailer and as with most things the boots are manufactured in China a well known brand sold by lots of major retailers. This time i have purchased ...

In the past we had to have a dog licence to own a dog i would bring that back but make it £100 per year there are 10 million dogs in the UK and i wonder if folk had to pay that amount would everyone still want a dog.

14 Apr 2018

Dogs should be banned from all beaches and public parks i have just walked up the Manor and had to step over dog s**** on five occasiones within a few hundred yards.

It looks open from where i am sitting.

It will only get worse with sea levels rising there is going to be more and more disruption.

3 Apr 2018

Well we have recently had a acid atack now this and i have just been reading about 2 boys throwing a shopping trolley from a bridge onto the A379.  This is the world we live in with no discipline in schools and 13/14 year old kids out on the streets at 0310 this morning waking up law abiding folk in the town centre.

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