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There are dozens of fag ends all along Brunswick Place i heard visitor comment only a half hour ago "what a dirty little place Dawlish has become"

Cynets on the Brook.
20 Apr 2019

It happened overnight the parents woke me up at 3am going mad definately a fox.

20 Apr 2019

They were killed by a fox.

So can we get back to ANOTHER BREXIT BETRAYAL.

16 Apr 2019

S How would the nurse know the person was transgender she was being polite by saying sir, it's impossible to know is it not. I didn't mean they should keep quiet but should have made it clear to the nurse they were transgender but no they had to go to management and stir the proverbial s**t. And why do we need more education is LGBTTTQQIAA not correct but of course its hard to know as it seems to ...

16 Apr 2019

Sorry i should have said LGBTTTQQIAA community.

16 Apr 2019

The point is why did the transgender person not just inform the nurse in question instead of making a song and dance about it, again this sort of behaviour breeds resentment towards the LGBTQ community.

Shamima Begum
16 Apr 2019

14 Apr 2019

burnside here am i at this early hours wide awake with severe heartburn and the above has made my day very clever i will smile all day many thanks more to come i hope.

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