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Green loss
15 Jun 2018

Immigration is unpopular and thats why we are were we are goverment after goverment have failed to to deal with the problem so  at the referendum folk saw a opportunity to rectify the problem themselves and voted leave. Home ownership is at it's lowest for 30 years while the private rental market has doubled since 2004.

14 Jun 2018

As the population increases through immigration over 300,000 per year we will need more housing more roads etc etc maybe just maybe after brexit with no free movement those numbers will reduce to more managable numbers.

And the market walk i thought that was a great idea.

House of Faser
7 Jun 2018

The High Street is losing a lot of large and medium sized companys a few are listed some have gone broke some in the process of going bust and some closing stores and downsizing Maplins,Toys R us,House of Frazer,Debenhams, Poundworld,BHS,CA,Bags,Gameseek,Jacques,Vert,Dash,Bench,Grainger,Betterware,Kleeneeze,Bargain Booze,Clogs,East,Barkers, and there are loads more.

flo you could be right it is the way things go.

4 Jun 2018

I remember the days in Dawlish when businesses banked on a Monday and a uniformed officer was present as a deterent to would be thieves and now the likes of Aldi Ldle have cash collected as do most other businesses large and small.  I remember my father telling me that i would never see a man on the moon in my life time and me agreing i tell my kids that in the near future all purchases food ...

2 Jun 2018

If i am looking to purchase anything i always search the internet there are huge savings out there the only money i spend in Dawlish is £7 a month on a haircut. I dont understand why anyone would buy from the high street when savings of 20 or 30% can be made online and delivered to your door win win me thinks.

The Stars & Stripes
14 May 2018

At the last count it was 52

It is a legal requirment to have a bell on a bike but very new cyclist's do and no one enforces it, but a a motorist has to have a horn and it has to be working to obtain a MOT. I notice that yet again the article promises economic revival and why is there not a form for those who want to object and are not in favour of the cycle path.

A uniform with no powers folk will just laugh and tell them to do one i know i would.

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