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PICS -Teignmouth beach 08 02 2020 - save our beach - Human chain event.

08 Feb 2020 12:38

Good to see such a large turnout.


IMG 2297



IMG 2296


IMG 2295


IMG 2294


IMG 2293


IMG 2292


IMG 2291


IMG 2290


IMG 2289


IMG 2288


IMG 2287


IMG 2286


IMG 2285


IMG 2284


IMG 2283


IMG 2282


IMG 2280


IMG 2279


IMG 2281



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10 Feb 2020 21:42

I wonder how they would all feel if Network Rail decided to build a direct line from Exeter to Newton Abbot and close the line that is causing them all this aggravation. 

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10 Feb 2020 22:32

Close the line yes Leatash... from Dawlish to Teignmouth, build the inland line to Newton and then to the branch line to Teignmouth, .

10 Feb 2020 22:47

My question is how many of these protestors use the beach on a regular basis i have walked along the wall hundreds of times and never seen more than a handfull of folk on that part of the beach even in the summer it's fairly quiet. 

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