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There is an interesting submission made by the Old Vicarage Action Group that has today been put on the planning portal. Click on 'Documents related to this application are available here' (see first post on this thread) and then click on 'New Document' to the right of Monday 18th Jan if you're interested in reading what they have to say.

Daw Vale Care Home closed back in 2015. There have since been 3 planning applications (in 2016,2017 and 2018) to develop the site but none of them came to anything. A fourth planning application was submitted in 2019 and it has now received planning permission for 18 houses to be built on the site. Documents related to this Application are available here. Reference: 19/00043/MAJ ...

Comment: RESOLVED unanimously by Members present and voting that this Council recommends REFUSAL of this application due to the unsuitability of holiday accommodation for permanent residence. It would set an undesirable precedent and should not be encouraged. It was noted that the national lockdown that came into effect after this application was made would also now have bearing. It was ...

13 Jan 2021

This is on the agenda at the next Dawlish Town Council planning committee meeting. Seems it's a request for planning permission to extend the time that people can occupy caravans on the site from 50 weeks per year to 52. (for this year only?) Documents related to this Application are available here. You can comment on this application using this form. 20/02227/MAJ ...

This is on the agenda at TDC's planning committee scheduled fo 19th January. Officer recommendation is for approval (subject to conditions). 18/01178/MAJ Address: Golden Sands And Peppermint Park, Warren Road, Dawlish Warren, Devon, EX7 0LZ Proposal: Use of land for the stationing of static holiday caravans, re-positioning of play equipment and associated works ...

Planning application 20/00805/FUL (see first post on this thread) is on TDC's planning committee agenda for meeting to be held 19th Jan. Planning officer recommendation is for approval subject to conditions.

Clap For Heroes
11 Jan 2021

To return to the original subject in the first post of this thread - how can we support the NHS? I imagine that means how can we, as individuals, help support, right now, in this present time, the NHS? Well, how about doing whatever we can to avoid becoming a Covid patient? Here are some thoughts (and no apologies if it sounds preachy - the question was asked and I am giving some answers). ...

11 Jan 2021

If you click on this link you will see that even when our monies to the EU stop, the NHS will not necessarily benefit.

10 Jan 2021

I fail to see how the money has been spent on furlough payments when the claim was nothing but a fabrication. Or, to put it more bluntly, one big Johnsonian lie.

10 Jan 2021

er........wasn't leaving the EU supposed to provide extra funding for the NHS? I seem to remember a figure of £350 million per week on the side of a bus. Anyone else remember that?