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The imminent closure of a children's nursery in Newton Abbot has prompted this post. CHILD MINDERS NEEDED URGENTLY. SEE FIRST POST ON THIS THREAD TO FIND OUT MORE. YOU'LL NEVER BE SHORT OF WORK!

Repeating rumours, for reasons I've explained above I will not do. However, repeating facts is another matter. I've just remembered  this thread, started off by @Likeablerat as it happens, concerning certain Conservative Cllrs during the time of the Conservatives being in control of TDC. Do click on the link and have a read. Trust us we are Teignbridge Conservative Councillors? - ...

3 weeks ago

@Mithrandir No connection  with the Lib dems. Just trying to bring some balance to the anti Lib Dem comments on this thread. Never, ever, stood for election to a council. Not my cup of tea. I'm not going to repeat rumours. Why? Because by definition its hearsay (and therefore if I put it on here potentially libellous).

3 weeks ago

Teignbridge District Council was Conservative controlled 2011-2019. I seem to remember all sorts of rumours circulating about it during that period of time.

3 weeks ago

@1263 - I didn't say that fullofbilerat has no right to state their view.  I said that the views expressed had made me decide not to vote for VfD candidates. The precise opposite of what I imagine that opening post was trying to achieve. The last thing I am is easily influenced. If I was easily influenced then I might well be following @fullofbilerat's exhortations. And I'm not. ...

3 weeks ago

For what it is worth I had been thinking of casting some votes the way of Voices for Dawlish candidates but the diatribe and bile spewed out in the opening post of this thread has most definitely turned me off doing so. Your loss.

And answer came there none. Which is surprising given as I know for a fact that at least two people standing for election under the VfD heading not only read the posts on this site but also have been known to post on it as well. One under their true identity the other using a nom de plume.

23 Apr 2023

I must be getting old - I'm getting confused. Are those standing as Independent Voices for Dawlish candidates  standing as true individual Independents or as Independents who collectively form a de facto political group known as Voices for Dawlish?

and this is the response of the campaign group Pregnant Then Screwed: "Just 3 years ago, we would talk to Ministers about childcare and they would look at us like we were speaking Klingon. It was of no interest to those in power. To go from there to childcare being the main event in the Spring budget shows the power of collective action and we are elated to hear that the childcare sector will ...

16 Mar 2023

This is what the Chancellor said: "Working parents of two-year-olds will be able to access 15 hours of free care from April 2024, helping about half a million parents. From September 2024, that 15 hours will be extended to all children from nine months up, meaning that a total of nearly 1 million parents will be eligible. From September 2025, every single working parent of under-fives will ...

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