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Roberta thinks it's easier to say who of our inglorious ba----ds aren't pricks

15 Jun 2016

Roberta /Paul why can't you call osborne and cameron a number 1 or a number 2's.instead of all this filthy potty mouth about Pricks.Although i'm sure your right. Speaking of which it must be time to wheel out Antony Lynton Blair who, we in Great Britain should be thankful  was not our wartime leader.

14 Jun 2016

It strikes me that all the parties have said we cannot manage without the E.U. then it stands that if we choose to leave, then these politicians will be unable to govern the decision of the people. My hunch is the E.U.politicians will not accept an Exit from Europe Be Warned.

If anyone thinks the E.U.will stop a war in Europe I think someone must have thier head up their Ar-e. Russia if they feel threatened by an expanding  EU on their borders will simply invade and the rub is there will be no united front as proved with Crimea. If all the countries in Europe were to join the EU then all that has been achieved is another tier of undemocratic government.

13 Jun 2016

I can only say in defence of being a pensioner is that over 52 years of working, these bloody governments good or bad have taken my taxes and NI. without any exception. So i think I deserve from the democratic way this country is run to vote the way I wish without threat from the PM.

13 Jun 2016

Is there nothing more spiteful than our prime minister threatening OAP's over the pensions being reduced if people vote to leave.I would think a lot of pensioners already worried about making ends meet, has now to worry about this. Not us Cameron to have a lot of monies left in a will by a rich father or marrying into a wealthy circle. You Mr Cameron are a spitful nasty evil little Sh_t. ...

Was the site closed so as to get more time to younger voters to register that may give the remain vote an advantange?Trust old Dave?

Our Prime Minister has made us out to be unable to cope without the E.U.Well when we sh-t on and turned our back on the commonwealth no one told us we were to be governed by a dictatorships. We were sold a Common market not a federal state of Europe.

What about the lazy dog owners aka Cat owners

Sat in line at the traffic lights by the wall being demolished and although not an expert, can understand after watching why it will take six months.

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