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Leaving E.U. Not a  the Common Market as sold by Ted  Heath Gravy Train and dictatorships over.

many thanks flo

21 Mar 2017

Again i ask are there any English pubs having a day to celebrate this glorious day on the 29th ?

12 Mar 2017

Are any watering holes going to have a party for those of a certain view point?

Mini Golf Mystery
24 Jan 2017

it's the new byepass for baileys. herein known the Teignmouth/Dawlish dual carriageway Toll road.Or could  it be the new inland Bristol to Cornwall rail link.

Very sad Expect another charity shop to open soon Bo  ocks to cats dogs pony,s and donkeys.What about loose women with low moral fibre.

Just bloody rude
16 Dec 2016

Are we talking about a Common Market or as you say  Lynne is it a way of stopping conflict, because if that is the case  it's not very successful.  I do believe that these morons will lead us into a war. So they urge to join the E.U.  for protection, not as a trading partner.

16 Dec 2016

If my memory serves me and i stand to be corrected was it not the E.U. trying to expand the union near the Russian border that caused them to invade Ukraine and Crimea. Now we have put a small amount of troops in Poland. doesn't this have smacks of history repeating itself?

16 Dec 2016

Having seen the way the French and EU leaders reacted to the meeting with Theresa May on the news last night is it no wonder that the snubbing she was shown only went to prove there was only one adult in that room.  What these so called leaders should bloody well remember especially the French Begiums Dutch etc was a lot of men women went to war to free these so called MEN. There now ...

Could it Happen?
3 Dec 2016

For  those on this site that know of my high regard i hold Anthony Blair,so i have this feeling that Tony will be making a comeback by reforming a New New Labour party to bring a new referendum and bring competition to Corbin aka Jeremy. You heard it here first.

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