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In case people diidnt know.. this is back and leaves Dawlish at 43 pass the hour and from Exeter High Street at 33 pass each hour. So three buses an hour to Exeter with the service 2.

If he doesnt get to be Labour Leader again ...I bet he is after the job at EU,

Line needs to be inland 'Dawlish Parkway' is not rocket science the sea will always win.

8 Feb 2019

I've always thought the town has no interest in the railway just want it to protect the town..maybe Netwerk Rail should build a 12 ft wall all along the track or make it a tunnel all along the seafront....that would protect the town but no sea views.

8 Feb 2019

They should build the line the other side of town ..Dawlish Parkway avoid the sea will always win!

Go have a look at Exmouth, East Devon.....trains every half hour to Exeter takes 30 minutes and buses every 15 minutes in the day, last buses 2315 ... Exmouth has a busy town, shops and indoor market, new ten pin bowling centre, leisure centre at rail station. . Popular beach (peaceful) and Sandy Bay. You can go over the ferrry to Starcross for a trip to Dawlsih. ...

15 Jan 2019

No life for your boys in just looks attractive in high summer.   Teignmouth is better, then Newton Abbot for Torbay but as D says lots to do in Exeter for all...then you can travel for days out to Dawlish. best way, if you rerally like it.  Have to say.. Dawlish people seem pretty negative and still the 'outsider' issue, ..I lived there for 7 years... that was enough!

Leatash 'you took the words out of my mouth' lol

5 Jan 2019

Roll onI 29th March. Then a local bus going over 30 miles will be allowed to say where its gioing. Go catch a bus in Exeter for Plymouth it has to say on the front 'Buckfastleigh then in small font for Plymouth'. When EU brought this law in it was thought and I believe people should get off and get back on ..certainly driver should or do record split journeys. Sooneree were out the ...

30 Dec 2018

Leave and not give them a penny more......let them come crawling to us! Surely we can make our own laws! So many countires want to get out of EU.