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I have seen this (or one very similar) before. The most notable thing about it is its smugness.

Greetings from NZ....
24 Dec 2012

.... and Happy Christmas to all forum users. @cheftallyrand I can't help observing that your cookery articles deserve a wider online audience than will be provided by Thankyou for your efforts. I am doing my best to sample as many types of the best New Zealand pies as I can, notably from "The Fridge" in Kingsland, Auckland. I am reading "Pie" by Dean Brettschneider for ...

@Lynne , Done.

28 Oct 2012

@Nelson That is the first of your posts that has genuinely made me laugh out loud, Don

I assume that the "chestnut trees" in question are the horse chestnut trees on the lawn. They are not a native species, having only been introduced in the 1500s and many centuries after the Romans brought us rabbits and the black walnut. The concept of native flora and fauna is, in such circumstances, as meaningless as when applied to people.  I love the horse chestnuts on the lawn and the idea of ...

@flo I decided to write it as "directly" in case chef did not recognise "dreckly." If he doesn't, he soon will and realise its connotation -  that it will be finished when it's finished, no doubt before his grandchild starts school. Don

16 Sep 2012

A local informed source has said, "The work will be completed directly."

I can't help other than to say that pheasants are obtainable in Teignmouth from Redfern's and Lloyd Maunder's butchers and from Kate's Great Catch fishmongers. In passing, I was given some porcini today (heh,heh!) Guess who is having risotto for his tea? Don

Black Swans
28 Aug 2012

"His swan" he calls her, but she owns him not.

A very good article, thank you.

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