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Greetings from NZ....

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
24 Dec 2012 04:37

 .... and Happy Christmas to all forum users.



I can't help observing that your cookery articles deserve a wider online audience than will be provided by Thankyou for your efforts.

I am doing my best to sample as many types of the best New Zealand pies as I can, notably from "The Fridge" in Kingsland, Auckland. I am reading "Pie" by Dean Brettschneider for inspiration and pleasure, although for the tarakihi and prawn pie that I made last night, I borrowed a method and made up the rest,  Perhaps you might consider posting a few recipes of your own on the forum.

If there is anything that I can bring back for you, please let me know. I shall be back in Teignmouth on 2nd Jan. 



24 Dec 2012 12:54

Yes, many thanks chef for all your efforts this year and to everyone else that has contributed and visited the site. If anyone can think of a better way of chef reaching a wider audience but keeping the content on then this would be my preferred solution. Also anyone else who has any ideas for next year, please post them here.


I normally give out statistics for around this time, so here are this years compared to last years (in brackets):


Period: 24 Dec 2011 - 23 Dec 2012

Pageviews: 597,849 (484,889)

Visitors: 144,632 (114,802)

Unique Visitors 68,513 (60,722) - I'm not too sure how Google Analytics determines this so I would not read too much into this figure.


Average daily pageviews: 1638 (1328)



01 April 2012 : 3689

04 June 2012 : 4097

10 June 2012 : 3782

25 Nov 2012: 5436


Last year Peak:

18 Aug 2011: 3305


Carnival Week (Sat to Sat inclusive): 19,844 (17,001)


So we are up 25% on visitors and 23% on page views compared to last year. These are great statistics I think, and it just leaves me to wish you all a merry Christmas!

24 Dec 2012 14:04

Merry Christmas Don and you webmaster, and to all forum users smiley

24 Dec 2012 15:16

A happy and peaceful Christmas to all users of this site. Whatever, you're doing, keep safe and dry.angel

24 Dec 2012 18:57

Don, Chef has his own website, (and until recently,  including a regular newsletter. I think we are lucky to have him contributing to our local site as well.

Many thanks Chef, and you Webmaster, and a happy Christmas to you all.


24 Dec 2012 22:49

A very happy Christmas everyone,and a peaceful New Year.

30 Dec 2012 12:19

@Don Pearson - aha, i have been wondering what happened to you! so in my old chopping (stomping) ground ahy? spending time in dear ole aotearoa, ka ora! Nothing I can think of, for bringing back. Look forward to that beer, on your return 


@Don Pearson, @webmaster

Many thanks for your kind thoughts and support. I have been rather quiet of late on here, having been busy with other projects. I kept checking back, expecting at least Christmas recipe requests that I would urgently need to answer, but there weren't any. So I am not sure if Dawlish folk / readers are foodies? Hopefully I will be proved wrong in the new year? 

My brined turkey recipe however was a HUGE success over Xmas, with everyone involved now a brining convert as it stayed moist even when sliced cold the next day, not too mention converting people to brussel sprout lovers :-D  My mince pie filo rolls and other festive recipes, are now winging themselves around the country after spending the time, demonstrating 'how to classes' - how to make Xmas cooking stress free, how to be successful with recipes, how to make it Xmas dinner delicious again and how to take pre-made products and make them your own with minimum effort and maximum effort. 


@Everyone - if you need or have contacts that might want/need - an emergency on call chef, a food consultant, menu or recipe advisor, a cooking demonstrator you know where i am! Or if you know a well deserved  (local) charity that might be interested in raising funds by auctioning a "personal chef for the day" ....... I am only too happy to help out. 


Here's wishing everyone a most wonderful and happy Christmas period (remember despite the commercialism, it lasts until Jan 5th) and a most prosperous 2013 


(=|:-D <------- for those of you who have asked, tilt it and its a smiley, with a chef's hat on 

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