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21 Oct 2012 20:41

If you are interested in how Dawlish can offer more sustainable forms of tourism why not come along to the Red Rock Centre on Saturday 10th November where a forum is to be held concerning how to promote and identify cycling and sustainable tourism needs in Dawlish and to consider cycling routes into the centre of the town as part of the Exe Estuary Trail.


The forum will run from 10.00am to 3.00pm and refreshments and a buffet lunch will be provided.


Please note that you must book a place in advance.  contact


Speakers & contributors are: John Grimshaw, Founder of Sustrans; Peter Grainger, Area Manager, Devon Sustrans; Jonny Miller, Green Infrastructure Co-ordinator, Teignbridge District Council; Zsolt Schuller, Sustainable Travel Strategic Officer, Devon County Council; Stephanie Cherrett, Visit South Devon; Bob Bowen, Local Businessman.


(and if someone could either put this on Eyes of Dawlish or put on it that info about the forum can be found on I'd be really grateful. And yes, sometime soon I really am going to have to join the rest of the human race and get an fb account. But until I do........could someone with an fb account oblige? please? many thanks. L)     



06 Nov 2012 06:55

Just a reminder.

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
06 Nov 2012 11:33




07 Nov 2012 08:50

Thanks DP.

Here's the agenda for Saturday's forum:


Sustainable Travel and Tourism Forum , 10th November 2012


Welcome & Introduction by Carolyn Ballard, a founder member Dawlish Transition

There will be a question and answer session after each presentation.


Opening keynote speech by John Grimshaw, founder of Sustrans

Fostering the reality of sustainable transport in Dawlish


Peter Grainger, Devon Sustrans Manager

The economic benefits that cycle routes have brought to the South West


Zsolt Schuller, Sustainable Travel Strategic Officer, Devon County Council

What are the viable options for the continuation of the Exe Estuary Trail into Central Dawlish.

He will provide an update on the status of those plans.


Jonny Miller, Green Infrastructure Coordinator, Teignbridge District Council

How TDC created, prioritised and propose to deliver a network of cycling routes in the Heart of

Teignbridge area, and how that might relate to Dawlish. A review of planned & existing routes

and encouraging people to think of possible routes and how they might be funded.

Refreshment break


Rob Benington, Injury Prevention Manager, NHS Bristol

No pain, no gain? Preventing cycling injuries in a world of expanding waist-lines. Cycle advocacy

may benefit from a deeper understanding of why cyclists crash. Most road safety data obscures the

main causes of injury, but using hospital statistics can help us identify and prioritise the needs of




Bob Bowen, Local Businessman and member of Dawlish Chamber of Trade

My Vision for Cycling in Dawlish


Dave Hutton, Devon By Bike

The economic benefits of a cycle link into Dawlish, mainly from a tourism point of view. This is

based on his experience of providing services to cyclists in Devon. It will include what cyclists are

looking for in terms of routes and accommodation.

Refreshment break


Stephanie Cherrett, Visit South Devon

Working together to attract tourists developing events and working in partnership.

Next Steps and Close

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