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Pheasant season approaching ......

05 Sep 2012 21:42

I've been asked to share some pheasant recipes, ready for next month. I Will put a full article together and post it later in the month

QUESTION - I'm looking for a local contact who might take me out pheasant shooting, or be willing to sell me a brace or two. Anyone know of anyone? 

Don Pearson
Don Pearson
09 Sep 2012 17:21

I can't help other than to say that pheasants are obtainable in Teignmouth from Redfern's and Lloyd Maunder's butchers and from Kate's Great Catch fishmongers.


In passing, I was given some porcini today (heh,heh!) Guess who is having risotto for his tea?


09 Sep 2012 17:41

What about the Powderham Estate? They might be able to help or point you in the right direction. 

09 Sep 2012 20:23

@Lynne - just scored a pheasant from my lovely landlord. 

@Don Pearson - would have gone lovely topped with some butter braised pheasant! ;-) 

Makes a good point tho, in regards to swopping excess produce. Hmmm ... a new discussion thread me thinks! 


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