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great britain
9 Mar 2013


@Lynne , brazilnut, neilh I am not entering the debate only because I do agree with you.

@Lynne Thank you for posting this. The myths are the same as they have been for decades. As now, the Daily Malice trumpeted them in the 1970s and probably before then. Being an atheist does not stop me appreciating a great deal of the work done by people of faith.

Many thanks for your contributions.

Citizen's arrest
12 Feb 2013

Almost everybody.

25 Jan 2013

It is a golden rule not to hold a referendum unless you are sure that the outcome will be what you want it to be. @neilh It would be more cunning were it not so transparent. However, as people will continue to believe what they want to be true,............. The new trick to resolve the lips moving problem is to have a ventriloqist's dummy (or a party of them, "sharing power" with ...

25 Jan 2013

I don't believe for one instant that Mr. Cameron intends to hold a referendum. This is simply a ploy to emasculate the right of his own party and UKIP and, by doing that, could work to increase the chances of re-election. If he wins the election, he can cheerfully weasel out of the promise and the worst that can happen is that the anti-Europe factions can kick off again five years on. In that ...

Lance Armstrong
19 Jan 2013

One could argue that the (very belated) intention in the US to take a firmer line on doping in sport simply makes Lance Armstrong unlucky to have been caught. Perhaps he annoyed the USADA enough for them to take action. If his relationship with his team mates had been better, he probably would have continued to get away with it. It seems to me, as one who knows nothing about cycling, that ...

Dawlish Gazette
18 Jan 2013

I haven't seen the car park but I would have thought that £2000 could pay for a lot of cleaning up.

18 Jan 2013

I don't know which hospital but she had the trots.

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