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2 Oct 2008

I was raised as a Roman Catholic. Which certainly explains a lot... :-(

My sympathies go to the family of the poor lady. If and when he's found guilty, I hope he gets the maximum punishment possible for causing death by dangerous driving / manslaughter. Thanks for the link Viaduct. Reading some of the comments at the bottom of the article makes me realise why I would never buy or read the Daily Mail. Cheap political point scoring over the sad and completely ...

26 Sep 2008

Sounds like a right cock-up to me. All drink drivers should be punished with the full force of the law. End of. This copper sounds like he's got away with it - he should be grateful that he didn't kill someone through his stupid actions.

What's to expose? He's been found guilty and will be punished. And so he bloody well should be. Shirley his prosecution demonstrates that the "system" is not untouchable? Thanks for sharing the good news with us. :-)

Devon Council
25 Sep 2008

You probably have some very good points to make Viaduct, but unfortunately they are being drowned by your abusive language. For everyone's benefit, including your own, can you try again but without the abuse please? Many thanks.

25 Sep 2008

To be fair Viaduct, looking on the Institute's website, it does say that you need to have certain professional qualifications in order to be a member of that Institute. This, you'll find, is standard practice for any professional body. As for the "tea boy" jibe, I for one won't rise to your bait.

To answer your questions in turn: 1. Yes. 2. No. 2. No.

23 Sep 2008

Has anyone else picked up on the story about Ann Muff, who fiddled almost £17,000 in benefits by failing to tell the Department of Work & Pensions that she'd started working for a taxi company? Muff, who lives at Oak Park Villas, was given a 6 month prison sentence suspended for two years with a 12-month supervision order. Does anyone on here know if Muff has to pay back the money she fiddled ...

Not sure about that, but I do regularly have to perform a three-fingered salute... ;-)

23 Sep 2008

Are you going to be attending the meeting Dullish? P.S. The only 'network' I'm part of is the Wireless Local Area Network to which my laptop is connected. :-)

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