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007's Posts

So what is Ed Milliband trying to say? Don't be a square, take drugs or I wish I had taken drugs. Seems a very strange thing to say.

car vandalds
28 Jan 2011

Parking in town is very limited, so parking along High street is perfectly acceptable. Sounds like some jealous little gits, truckerash. I hope you find them.

Local Trains
21 Jan 2011

Train services are being disrupted due to a person hit by a train between Exeter Central and Exmouth. Short notice alterations, cancellations and delays of up to 90 minutes can be expected. Train services are unable to operate between Exeter Central and Exmouth. Replacement road transport is now in place and is operating between Exeter St Davids / Exeter Central and Exmouth serving intermediate ...

The old Woolies shop still has a sign on it saying 'Shop To Let'; so we can conclude that nothing is happening with the place.

Yeah Harrisons is an absolute eyesore; close it down. Also jet washing the stone walls in the town might brighten things up a little.

New layout
7 Jan 2011

When I was using Internet Explorer 7 the site looked a bit weird, but since I have upgraded to Internet Explorer 8 the site improvements look fine. The advert in the middle of the screen is a bit off-putting though.

Forget newspapers; everything you need is online and up to date.

7 Jan 2011

A good shopping facility in Dawlish at last. Brilliant news; won't have to travel to Exeter to shop at sensible prices. Can't wait.

Laffin Pig
7 Jan 2011

I don't see any difference; if two people consent then what's the problem. Do what you like I say!

5 Jan 2011

How do you know about a call to boycott the pub? Is there an article you could point us to.