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007's Posts

I agree Sundays are nice especially if you have Monday off. Looking forward to having a load later on. Bring on Beers!

Wetherspoons in Dawlish gets my vote!

A drive through is needed. Shops in town can't be replied on to be open.

Sunday Trading Hours
18 Mar 2012

The staff can have some weekends off and some weekdays off pretty basic really. If shops want to make money it would be a good idea to be open when people are available to buy.

18 Mar 2012

I work as many other residence do all week with a long commute no time to shop during the week. Having Sunday to shop would be ideal as that leaves Saturday for fun activities.

18 Mar 2012

Sunday trading hours are to be extended for the Summer Olympic Games. Chancellor George Osborne says the new hours may be made permanent. Excellent idea. Sunday is no different from any other day. Very inconvenient with shops closed on Sundays. Perhaps this will help the shops in town?

Around The Courts 2
8 Mar 2012

Try this -

If the government is going to give child benefit to parents / guardians / carers then what has it got to do with their gender? However I agree with SteveJ. Why tax people then give it back? Just seems silly to me.

6 Mar 2012

Libby that makes some sense, however I have a male friend that is bring up young children on his own and works full time. Obviously not a feminist issue at all.

Strand markings
2 Mar 2012

I see, how exciting, something is actually happening!