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Shame about any job loses but coop sell fruit and veg, just down the road.

Defence Cuts
21 Oct 2010

Well being a double agent my Russian pay masters will keep me going.

20 Oct 2010

So that's how to announce government cuts, in weeks leading up to the parliamentary statement let it be known how bad the cuts will be, then on the day they aren't quite as bad and then we are all happy. A bit of a con really!

12 Oct 2009

Maybe Tesco. Perhaps they will buy up half Queen Street? And build a bigger store!

5 Sep 2009

BT are scum, I just found out that I had been opted-in to BTFon. Which is some rip off where bt let others use your broadband. Now I have to wait for it to be disabled before my home network will work properly again. Also the mobile bt broadband dongle never works. When it comes to bitching about BT we could all be here for weeks. BT are utter idiots!!!

I rather like the Ferret & Radiator. It's down to earth, friendly, fun and many people I know like the pub very much as well. It is a shame that local residents are disturbed, but I guess it's just at the weekend and you would expect noise living in any town centre at the weekend. Great that they turned it off anyway.

Never mind, what it was or should be, just enjoy it. The airshow is the best bit followed by the Fosters bar on the lawn.

A TALENTED singing trio are a step further along their route to stardom after making it through to the second stage of television talent show The X-Factor. Nichola Berryman, Laura Murch and Eloise Cole — also known as Killer Heels — are through to the show’s boot camp after auditioning before musicmogul Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, singer Dannii Minogue and Girl’s Aloud’s Cheryl Cole. They got ...

MORE than 50 Minis are expected to take part in a rally and parade at Powderham Castle on Sunday. Owners will be celebrating the 50th birthday of the iconic car and the castle's 50th anniversary of opening to the public. The event is called Silly Mini Sunday with proceeds going to a new Children's Hospice being built in Cornwall.

RESIDENTS are refusing to stay quiet in the supermarket store wars saga dominating Dawlish. Fresh plans by Tesco and Sainsbury's to build stores within a mile of each other have generated a flurry of letters to Teignbridge Council planners. There have been 38 letters of objection against Tesco's bid to build a supermarket on land at Lady's Mile Holiday Park. That compares to three letters ...