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@Indy Scot , yes.

10 May 2017

@Indy Scot , I think it is best to treat people in the same way you would want to be treated yourself. @roberta , I'm not saying you bullied him off. I've always appreciated your contributions to the forum and would like you to stay also.

10 May 2017

@Indy Scot t & @roberta I never said Gary was bullied off. I’ve not moderated anyone’s posts except my own. I don’t know Gary personally. He may have emailed me in the past but I can’t see any PMs from him in my messages. If Trump or Le Penn posted on this site I would want them to stay also due to the traffic it would bring to the site, not because of their politics.

10 May 2017

@TheObserver , yes you are right - only a few visitors contribute. I think a lot more would contribute but fear being shot down for having an opinion. Some post for a period and then give up due to being bullied off. I see councillors contributing to the forum as a positive thing. I hope Gary will come back and others will post. I think you are wrong to denigrate Gary for posting on here.

10 May 2017

@TheObserver I'd be interested to know where you get your stats from as it is not possible for me to know how many Dawlish people view this site. However the stats for last month according to Google Analytics were:- April 2017 4181 users/visitors of which 2676 were returning users/visitors Total page views 35,904. I don't think the community on here is that small. ...

Christmas Greetings
24 Dec 2016

Merry Christmas everyone.

COASTAL regions are on flood alert amid warnings a massive sea surge triggered by Hurricane Nicole is about to smash into Britain. Resulting waves, which are much bigger and more powerful than those generated by seasonal winds, have previously devastated coastal regions with tonnes of water being thrown over sea defences. Read more ...

@Carer , it's because the thread is not posted on the general discussion but on a group that requires membership. you need to join the group to post - It is a feature of the site software that is hardly ever used.

To end the slanging matches on this thread I think it is best for me to close it. Please start a new thread if you want to get back onto the original topic.

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