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I've fixed the link. There was a semicolon on the end of it that was causing it to fail.

25 May 2021

Thanks for letting me know. I've removed the other 2.

Happy Christmas
25 Dec 2020

Merry Christmas everyone!

@DEEDOODLE , I've flipped them for you. Hopefully, I haven't reduced the quality.

Christmas Greetings
25 Dec 2019

Thanks Ziggy & Merry Christmas to you and everyone else on here!

Tucker, aged 48, of Second Avenue, Dawlish, admitted causing grievous bodily harm and was jailed for two years by Judge David Evans at Exeter Crown Court. Read more...

Work resumes on Monday on the £30m scheme that will see a new sea wall built at Dawlish. The plans will raise the wall from its current height of 5m to 7.5m, widen the walkway to 4m from its current 3.1m width, and include a barrier between the pedestrians and the edge of the to stop people falling off the wall. Read more ...

@majorp , I've explained as best I can.

22 May 2019

@majorp , I doubt it would be legal to do that in the UK and many other countries.

22 May 2019

@majorp , it is objectionable material to a lot of people. I don't see how any reasonable discussion can come from it. All I can see is my email box filling up with complaints.