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Just Wondering
3 Oct 2016

@Carer , it's because the thread is not posted on the general discussion but on a group that requires membership. you need to join the group to post - It is a feature of the site software that is hardly ever used.

To end the slanging matches on this thread I think it is best for me to close it. Please start a new thread if you want to get back onto the original topic.

Thread continues here -

Part 1 here -

since this thread has clearly gone off topic, i will close it. @b.o.liking please feel free to start a new thread.

26 Jun 2016

@Morty Vicker , in no way did @b.o.liking threaten to murder anyone in his post. Please do not make false accusations about other members.

26 Jun 2016

I don't believe the post is illegal, but I have removed the reference I believe you are referring to. However, there is a difference between expressing dislike of a high profile public figure and making hateful comments to other members on the forum.

Independence Day
25 Jun 2016

Can we now stop the squabbling please? We have had a very heated referendum debate on this site which, as flo and Lynne have both pointed out, has turned nasty at times. The vote is now over and we must all accept and respect the choice others have made whether we agree or not and whether we like it or not. That is democracy. So lets try to keep it light, stay calm as Gary says and look ...

24 Jun 2016

@S & @Mcjrpc , I don't monitor all posts. I read most but not all, and often I am behind the rest of you. However, with the report function, pms and emails I hope I can resolve most issues. Also, just because someone breaks the terms it does not mean the terms no longer apply!

Thead continues here -

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