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General Discussion

OK @Strong and Stable , I've closed your account. @elvis presley , most of the time it is worth it. things usually go pear shaped around voting time or when the discussion is about politics.

13 Jun 2017

@Lynne , no it doesn't make you a busy body, and disseminating that kind of information is what this site is for. I will also need to make it clear in the terms that the terms and conditions are subject to change and old posts are not necessarily a guide to what is allowed and what is not. Also that, as with all rules and laws (think parking and speeding), just because someone may ...

13 Jun 2017

@Lynne , yes, I would argue that that would be a personal insult and it could lead to an excalating argument. But i'm willing to ask members what they think as @Strong and Stable suggests. My view at the moment is I don't see any need for any name calling. I will put it in the terms and conditions once it is agreed on. In the meantime if someone genuinely unintentionally gets it ...

13 Jun 2017

@Strong and Stable , I don’t think we have much of an issue with privacy and copyright infringement. These things are more clear-cut although there have been minor privacy breaches. Also, there are laws that limit what you can say about minority groups. None of these laws have ever been broken on the site, or if they have the posts have been removed. What I am mainly referring to is how we ...

10 Jun 2017

@From The Grave , it applies to everyone and it applies to insults. This is not about censoring points of views, opinions or criticisms. It is about how we address each other on the site. I would also refrain from calling other members trolls and use the report button if you think someone is trolling.

10 Jun 2017

@elvis presley , this is a one strike and you're out policy. We've not had this on here before.

10 Jun 2017

There are several people breaking the terms on this site and this has to stop. @Andrew’s account has been closed for blatantly violating the terms and refusing to stick to them. @Scapegoat, you normally stick to the terms but have a habit of straying. Calling @Paul an ultra right wing idiot and @Huw Mathews a right wing * with bigoted views is unacceptable. Adding lol on the end doesn’t make ...

@Andrew , you can choose not to talk to huw if you want to, but huw has every right to comment on anything you post as does anyone else.

8 Jun 2017

@Andrew , i think you'll find huw's username has a 2 on the end because he lost or forgot his credentials to his original account - It was most likely back when usernames had to be unique. Re: "I think it'd be better if we just ignore each other on this site and don't comment on either's posts." This is not how it works on the general ...

@north devonian , you have to set the hyperlink yourself using the link button. When you paste hypertext from another source, it sometimes detects it but not always.

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