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Scapegoat's Posts

I hope so, she is one of very few that I mostly agree with :)

May's Brexit Betrayal
12 Feb 2019

I suggest you accept that it was always a fantasy created by Tories to try to hold their party together. This shitstorm can only harm the future of the youths of our country and cause hardship to poor and middle earners. This collective self harm is mindboggling and the only answer from leavers are accept a 4% (yes tiny) majority voted for it so shut up and shouts of project fear. Well, project ...

11 Feb 2019

Brexit is a disaster that was illegally promoted by a few self-serving dicks who managed to convince a tiny majority that it was a good idea. Anyone who still shouts project fear is in denial and are selling our childrens future down the river. Be ashamed, be very ashamed!!

Teresa May vote
17 Dec 2018

The Brexit vote is based on lies and deciet, the sooner we all sober up and say enough is enough and we are best working from within the EU, the better. I think we need a new vote and anyone over 65 who it won't affect should be exempt from voting. Thanks Camerc**t for the biggest f*ck in the history of devisive UK politics!!!!

My Mum used to say, If your friend jumped off a cliff would you?   'Nuff said, Brexit is nothing more than a collective case of self harm by those that suffer cognitive dissonance!!

Brexit - Part 1
24 Nov 2018

Leavers=quiters=can't play if I take my ball home!

15 Nov 2018


Philip Green
2 Nov 2018

Lefties is a term invented by people that can't handle the reality of facts lolololol

2 Nov 2018

lol dream on lololol

2 Nov 2018

I believe that's  more a reference to "white privilege" burnside and not racism.