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Scapegoat's Posts

So it seems the oven ready Brexit was stone cold and was a total lie but still people that have something against refugees still seem to suppot something that will break apart our country and destroy our economy. How bad do our shitty government need to perform before everyone says enough is enough!!

"I for one wont be wearing a face covering of any description as im not a muslim". I wasn't aware we had to wear a Niqab Fredbasset, where did you get  that idea from?

CCTV footage from a shop has already shown that the police lied when they said he resisted arrest

face masks are next to useless and give a false sense of security unless you are face-fitted and trained to use them.

Prophets of Doom
22 Jan 2020

You really are a massive fool and your childrens children will hate you and all who think like you!

Why do you call them "low lifes" and why do you asume they are on unemployment benefit?

I don't know but maybe The Strand Centre would be able to use them

You know James Osben then do you? I thought not because he is about as far away as "a bunch of noses in the trough" as you can get.

Well I did predict
19 Oct 2019

Zzzzz old news, a snap poll does not show what is the will of the majority of people currently affected in the UK in Oct 2019. We have learnt so more since the lies of 2016

19 Oct 2019

The reason the process of leaving the EU has been so tortuous is because we had a bloody excellent deal and a lot of influence but because of some tax evading billionares the media has convince people that leaving will benefit us all. The truth is, it will only benefit the really rich. Wake up!! Don't be a Turkey voting for Christmas! And for the love of Charlie Brown, please fact check the poisen ...