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My Mum used to say, If your friend jumped off a cliff would you?   'Nuff said, Brexit is nothing more than a collective case of self harm by those that suffer cognitive dissonance!!

Brexit - Part 1
24 Nov 2018

Leavers=quiters=can't play if I take my ball home!

15 Nov 2018


Philip Green
2 Nov 2018

Lefties is a term invented by people that can't handle the reality of facts lolololol

2 Nov 2018

lol dream on lololol

2 Nov 2018

I believe that's  more a reference to "white privilege" burnside and not racism.

Bandstand and other
16 Oct 2018

I'm commenting on the isuue of homelessness, drug (alcohol) addiction and mental health not the original post though I do find the labels "druggies" and "alkies" rather disingerous just as I would other terms that belittle the suffering of others.

16 Oct 2018

Nobody chooses to be a "druggy" or "Alchey", nobody chooses to be homeless. Everyone however is different and some lose their way due to circumstance or illness. Some are so damaged that they're not ready to be helped yet but we shouldn't give up on them. We are all only about 4 circumstances/ decisions from being stuck in the same shit hole. Unfortunately there are  people that only see things ...

15 Oct 2018

It's so easy to judge people you know nothing about so I will just say this... But for the grace of God go I

I wish the Brexiters would stop shouting project fear whenever they hear something they don't like and face up to reality but hey ho!

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