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This is just the beginning, wait 'till no-deal Brexshit kicks in

Hahahahahahahahaha.... hahahahahahahahahaha Great? Man? Great man?  Are you tripping?? Which part is great? Multiple bankruptcies? Pussy grabbing mysogonist? Boasts about not paying debts? Imprisoning children in unsanitry and unsafe conditions? Lying constantly? taking credit for the work of others?  I can go on... and on... and on!!

Trump and Boro
7 Jun 2019

If somehow he won a 2nd term that says nothing about Trump and loads about the American system. He lost the popular vote but the ridiculous system made Trump president. The other massive mistake was to let Hilary Clinton be the democrat to challenge him. The evidence is there but you just refuse to look at it. He is a habitual liar and a fake. Anyone can see that.

6 Jun 2019

It's all recorded and on film!!! It's all documented but feel free to Trump the facts by crying "FAKE NEWSH!!" lolololololol And to think the numbnut could critically analyse any Science is a complete joke, he can't even spell it!!!  If it wasn't for Daddies billions he would have been a hapless nobody!! lolololol Wake up Paul, you are supporting a lame duck

4 Jun 2019

Paul, you really manage to continually surprise me. You do know you are supporting a bigoted, sexist, LGBTQ-ist and completely vile multi-bankrupt and non-debt paying, tax avoiding, compulsive lying, perverted, draft dodging lunatic, don't you?


BoJo The Clown? Really? He was the worst London Mayor ever and the only Job he held on the front bench ensured an innocent woman stayed in prison and embarrased the UK on several occasions. Personally I think Larry the cat would do a better job

24 May 2019

Just curious?

23 May 2019

If you don't like the Webmasters decisions then leave. It's his/ hers house and they set the rules.

Traffic lights in Dawlish!!

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