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And the card being played by braindead nationalists is... It's the will of (a few ) people. You Burnside ( and others)  are destroying the future of this country. Keep your head in the sand, hope your childen/ grandchildren manage to forgive you. The only hard brexit idiots I have managed to have a discussion with turn out to be racist idiots. At least be honest and admit you hate Johnny ...

22 Jul 2018

OMG.... what do brexiters acually want to achieve? If you wan't us all to be worse off just to fullfil your ideology and willing to shit on succsevive generations, you are going the right way about it. You are being manipulated by the elite to sell your souls on a ideology based on me me me me me and f**k your grandchildren. Seriosly, from all the people I've questioned I get the same ...

22 Jul 2018

The reason that Jacob Grease-Smog is happy with no deal is that he stands to make a fortune from it unlike most of the cliff jumping lemmings

If I had my way I would turn the Bandstand into an open theatre with backstage area and make it available for local bands, performers, choirs and drama groups. It would be the focal point of Dawlish to bring people together. The lack of use and the limitations of the bandstand breaks my heart, it could be so much better. It's the will of the people!

21 Jul 2018

If this all wasn't so serious I would be LMFAO. I can't believe, even from all I've been viewing on all interweb how the vanishingly small majority of those that could and did vote, can't admit that oops they may have not realised what a shit idea brexit was.

I find it so hard to understand how anybody can support Trump, it really boggles me noggin. I heard a caller on LBC who claimed that everything that was said against him was fake news. Is that why? Trump even tried to claim that the Sun interview was fake news despite the fact that it was recorded. How can anyone trust someone as dumb and who lies constantly?

I'll be honest.... all the references to "remoaners" and "project fear" got under my skin because it is a term to diss the opposition and silence debate. I believe in my heart of hearts that brexit is a massive and dangerous mistake. I'm not simply looking for an argument. If I am wrong then I will be massively relieved and happy to admit I am wrong. I also believe that such a simple ...

10 Jul 2018

I hope you Brexiters enjoy your little England Xenophobic fantasy world. Shame you wont be alive to see how much you will have damaged you grandchildrens future :( Nevermind, the I'm alright Jack mindset continues....

And before then, 2000 BC, 4000 years ago. It's the beaker folk innit, bloody Beaker folk coming here with their drinking vessels. What's wrong with just cupping up the water with your hands and licking it up like a cat!!

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