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No news.
11 Apr 2019

A woman was declared dead at an underground car park in Dawlish this morning. No news posted as yet on this site, I wonder why?

I didn't register to vote, I am an independent abstainer, and it really is a nice position to be in, because you can stand back and watch what they all say about each other. Look at what goes on in parliament, it has never been so hilarious.

Bother's in arms.
11 Apr 2019

I have met Jeremy Corbyn and he does talk rubbish. And I once had the pleasure of meeting Wilfred Bramble (steptoe) and he would collect anything. I bet Scapegoat has not met either, so his comments are a load of tosh. I am not a purveyor of hate, I would kiss your backside to prove a point but that ain't going to happen, never because I wouldn't know what condition it would be in.

Dodgy colder callers
11 Apr 2019

They are all at it. Jehovas, cllrs, mormons. The list is bigger than you think.If you don't ask for someone to call on you, then any one that does call on you is a cold caller.

I would imagine the mutton is the expert with anything to do with brexit, she is spending too much time in front of the cameras and not enough time looking after her constituants interest. Shame on her!!!!!

Staying on the gravy train is the norm in todays politics. They may not get the remunerations that others higher up in politics get, but they get a lot of help if they want help in other directions. Planning is open to plenty of corruption and I have noticed that there has been plenty of watchers for planning applications.

Did anyone see the mutton dressed up as lamb on news 24 this morning?

9 Apr 2019

@Paul We must leave properly asap. Agreed, but by the EU having control over the hard border is a no, no. The only way that I see, out of this problem, is for Ireland to come out aswell. And who knows what the Irish PM has been saying to others in the EU?

9 Apr 2019

Lets get out and deal with whatever comes along afterwards. All of those politicians who are argueing over what the deal that has presented, should be thinking the same. Those that are argueing on what is in the deal should remember that there was a majority to leave. All this bollocks about having another referendum, we should stay in the union, we should leave on anything other than what they ...

9 Apr 2019

@Paul Our MP has consistently defended democracy by supporting the leave result, for that we should aplaude her. Well I have heard her quite alot recently and she does not give me that impression. Why doesn't she vote to leave on the deal that T May has given parliament instead of rabbiting on about what is wrong with the deal.

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