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General Discussion

Death in Dawlish
11 Mar 2019

I forgot to say "He was from Dawlish".

11 Mar 2019

There is some sketchy news that a 26 year old male hanged himself yesterday, it appears that he also had a four month old youngster.

Cycle path
10 Mar 2019

It was EU money that paid for it. And now (I believe that funding has dried up) will DCC continue to complete it. Where do they go when they have reached Dawlish?

F*ck off is dynamic aswell, it is universal. there are many people in this world that do not speak English, but you tell them to feck off, they know exactly what you mean. My mother always told me "Stick and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me".

6 Mar 2019

And what self harm would that be?

4 Mar 2019

That is what they are saying Lynne, but you will not know until it happens. I have heard it all before. This will happen, that might happen, this could happen and then when it happens, it is business as usual.

3 Mar 2019

@Lynne , But all those others you are talking about (whoever they are) are only doing what everyone else is and that is GUESSING. They may have a crystal ball which I don't know about, but I doubt it. I have a 22c gold chain, I think is is worth a lot. but I will not know it's worth until I sell it. Look at flogit, some tiimes they guess right, sometimes they are close and then other times they ...

3 Mar 2019

I wouldn't believe that man if it meant costing me my life as to what he warned me against. Nobody knows what will happen when we leave it is all a guessing game. You can get all the form you like on a horse race, but you would still not get a winner even with a one horse race, there are hundreds of variables that can affect the result. Leaving the EU is no different. There are plenty to ...

May's Brexit Betrayal
24 Feb 2019

Scapegoat, What question would you like answered?

23 Feb 2019

Scapegoat, I expecpt to gain from leaving the EU more than it seems you can imagine. There will be changes, of course there will, but lets not forget how much we have paid to the EU since joining, we will not have to do that any more and do you really believe that those that are still in are going to bite off their nose to spite their face. Those that are still in cannot afford to lose us, but ...

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