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Oh dear. If people find it so difficult and complain about constantly signing to a website, which must be oh so strenuous and take up so much time in you so busy life, then why come on here? How do you survive when you switch your computer on in the morning and have to sign in to that? Do you need a rest and lay down for a while? It really is amazing what people complain about when ...

4 Dec 2018

Look here.

@Margaret Swift This explains why you have to keep signing in.

Looks good and thanks for the info.

But it still doesn't say anything about protecting the line at Dawlish itself.

Who got us into this fine mess? The racists who voted out, that's who! I voted against entering the EC back in the 70's but accepted the fact that now we are in, let's make the most of it. I'm standing by for lot's of abuse now.

Well done to Dawlish RBL for organising yesterdays parade. It was the biggest and best I have ever seen and well done to all who took part. Thank you.

@Cassandra Yes, but only if you are earning £250K + per year.

@leatash I'm surprised that they haven't done the same as they have got at Sidmouth. A couple of artificial islands to help take the power out of a stormy sea.

Is it a Prison? Looks like one.