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Nothing mentioned about the old Waitrose store in Teignmouth, and I see Dawlish is in line for one. That will shake up the Co-op and Sainsbury's. I for one have no problem with that and will welcome it as I do most of my shopping at that store and if/when they do come to Dawlish, then all my shopping will be done there.

Bicycle riders should be BANNED from roads that have a cycle path available, and if the do have an accident on the road, then they should be held responsible and not have grounds for a claim.

If they must protest, then why not do it outside the Indian, Chinese, and USA embassies, as they are the ones who don't give a damn about the climate. At least we(the UK) are doing our best at the moment. I see that Chris Packham was in London today protesting, so I wonder if he will give up flying away on a BBC jolly (all expenses paid) in the future?

2 weeks ago

I wonder how many of them went (by plane of course) on a lovely foreign holiday this year?

@majorp I think you will find that the Teacher witnessed it happening, and was not the person on the inflatable. " Kelly Flook, a PE teacher from Exeter , witnessed the drama unfold"

26 Aug 2019

People will never learn.

Nothing up 'White City'.

Vodafone Signal
22 Aug 2019

Anyone else having a problem during the day?

@1263 Better still, get rid of her so we can get an extra couple of Bobbies on the beat from the wages we have saved from paying her waste of space position.

Well done to all who took part last night in the Pram Race.