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Calamari's Posts

@Paul "Get your Trump 2020 supporter apparel here" Yes, that cap is ideal if you are out somewhere and caught short so you can have a good 'd**p' in it. 'Trump for a Dump'. Good slogan.

Feral thugs
18 Jun 2019

And what will happent to those yobs? Absolutely nothing. I hope their Parent(s) are proud of their little darlings.

Piper Bill
6 Jun 2019

He was a lovely man (yes, I met him on a number of occasions) and will be long remembered.

Just goes to show what a joke our elected councillors are. They will soon be complaining when the wall is damaged again and the trains have to stop running. As @leatash has said, will they be happy to pay for any future damage?

23 May 2019

@majorp Give it a rest. You always think you are far superior to anyone else on here. Also, if anyone else put on what you submitted, you would have called them all the names under the sun including racist, so do us all a favour and for once, admit you are wrong and what would be even better, is to LEAVE .

They forgot to mention the Overstretched Doctors Surgery.

Seems like China doesn't care about the environment.

It's not that the parents are engrossed in the gaming, it's that they don't care about their kids as it's so easy to blame someone else these days. PS. Sorry majorp to correct you on your spelling again.

You could always pop in there and ask Billy or Leslie if it is!

Shame that no one tells the USA, China, India, etc, and all the countries that dump rubbish in the sea to do the same.