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@Diana Mond 08 nov 2017 22:46 - i see you are quoting from your own special qualities, how captious of you.

7 Nov 2017

In my own opinion there are far to many direction signs, why on earth you need signage to tell you where the beach is or the tourist info centre when you can see them whilst standing by the sign. As to all the prohibition notices, well, what a waste of time they are, about as much use as the 'NO CYCLING' or the 'DO NOT FEED THE BIRDS' signs. Now I await the inevitable usual trolls stating the ...

@Pete , thanks.

4 Nov 2017

Planning application
31 Oct 2017

Nothing wrong with more places to have a drink and a bite in Dawlish. I'm sure the massive influx of cyclist's will need filling up before continuing out of Dawlish! Oh, and not forgetting the wave after wave of parents coming to the new mega playpark on The Lawn. With well less than 100 objections logged, which is literally a zero percent of the Dawlish population I expect it will be ...

@Lynne - i cannot help the fact you are confused. where did i say i found the word offensive? i merely made anyone who wished to view the post, who may be of a delicate imposition, fore warning that a word in the images may not be to their liking. I certainly find this public display of vulgarity unacceptable in a public place. Lynne don't make this thread something it is not. As to you ...

30 Oct 2017

Saw this on Sunday, whilst walking along the sea wall. Find the person who did this and put them in stocks on the den for for a week so the locals can people to throw mouldy fruit at after they have scrubbed the graffiti off.

I remember when the MP's agreed to a 4 year pay freeze and when the four years were up they gave themselves a 50℅ pay rise. When I was in my early 20's I earnt over £10 per hour, now in my late 50's I would be luck to earn £8 per hour. This country is governed and run by a dubious bunch of rejects that have only one thing on their minds and that is themselves.

TIme and time again it seems to me that the patients are in charge of the asylum, am I wrong! Individuals placed on dubious pedestals with no understanding of the real world and how it works. If these proposals are acted upon visitors and locals a like will go elsewhere, I believe.

The Police
23 Oct 2017

Why not put it on Youtube and shame the little darlings!

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