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@Diana Mond - I have no wish to interact with you on this site for any reason, other than for this message to you. in my own opinion you are a thorn in the side of and i feel you, by many of your barbed comments, keep many people away from commenting and making this site an enjoyable experience to participate on

Absolute disgrace in my opinion, I suppose they will say it was producing to many leaves or it's rotten.

Devonlive:- The current storm damage, whilst not damaging the physical railway lines, damaged a spread of metal railings and pushed them onto the railway lines. This stoped the trains running whilst engineers moved the offending debri so the trains could start running again. That was on the 2nd ...

@majorp - I would assume once the car park reopens and it gets near capacity there will be a few complaints going in the direction of tdc....i may be wrong, but time will tell.

24 Mar 2018

@jools88 - I believe you will be able to park it, but unless you are parked in a bay where there is no parking space by your doors or the parking space does not have a vehicle in it, you won't be able to get out unless you use the sunroof, although you say you haven't one. Although if you do park in a space and are able to get out and then someone parks next to you, you may not be able to get ...

24 Mar 2018

Wow, it looks like there are more car parking spaces in the newly resurfaced car park. Oh, wait a minute...the average size seems to be approx 7 feet, measured from inside of the white lines. So once you have parked your car exactly square in the space, dependant upon the width of your car, and say you have a Ford Mondeo (width of 6 feet) you now have approx 6 inches plus the width of the white ... So they purchased the land and built on it. Living of the grid with no mountains of tyres or rubbish in site and are now to have their homes torn down. Would have been better for them to have not purchased the land and squatted on it instead and the council would have built them detached houses on the land free of charge I ...


22 Mar 2018

I don't want to poop on anyone's parade, well may be morty's, but bird watching and children seldom make for a quiet and tranquil bit of bird watching.... am I wrong?

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